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Mermaid Academy 

Wonderfin makes your fantasy come alive!

When you believe it, nothing is impossible! Put on your favorite mermaid tail or shark costume and explore the unknown path for Wonderfin's underwater Kingdom. Learn special tricks in the water while you develop your swimming skills. Step by step, you will become the most amazing and powerful fin swimmer mermaid in the sea! 

Get into this adventure and get ready to become the queen of Oceania! If you are a merman or a shark, get through all the mermaid academy stages' challenges and then the kingdom's throne is yours!


The mermaid costume and crown are including in this beautiful journey of the mermaid lessons!


Are you ready for the most magical mermaid experience?

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Opening Hours

Let's Swim!

Monday to Friday

9:30am - 13:50pm & 15:30pm - 18:25pm


10:10am - 14:25pm

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