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Baby Swimming 

Get the greatest, most peaceful experience with your baby in a safe environment full of joy!

Baby swimming is the best activity for young babies and toddlers. Our swimming teachers are ready to create the most beautiful experience in the water for you two.

Moms or dads are getting in the pool with their child and they learn the first steps of our baby swimming program.


We teach you - You teach your child- Repeat!


You are the greatest teacher of your children, so we are here to show you how you will introduce them into the water-life. Every lesson gives you the opportunity to practice an element of baby swimming and learn something new. Every baby swimming session's purpose is to offer a deeply true holistic approach with respect to the child, to the parent and to their bond. Child and parent interact in water with positive effects, on multiple levels, which are lasting over the time.


We don't offer just a baby swimming lesson...

We create a new swimming world for both you and your child!

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Opening Hours

Let's Swim!

Monday to Friday

9:30am - 13:50pm & 15:30pm - 18:25pm


10:10am - 14:25pm

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