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Wonderfin is...

a unique experience in the water, combining physical activity and learning, through exploration.​

Wonderfin is the biggest leisure swimming club in holiday destinations and includes two type of "how to swim" learning processes in the water.

The Swimming School and the Mermaid Academy.


The leisure swimming lessons in the resorts are focusing on ensuring a smooth progression from basic breathing, kicking and flotation to competitive swimming. The new swimmers "dive" in a sea world where the water is our home and the sea animals are our friends. 

Children turn into mermaids and mermen wearing their favorite fin tail or become powerful water creatures with their shark fin. Then their dream comes true! They “travel” to an uncharted path while they explore their new magical abilities.

Inspired by mermaids' and dolphins' swimming the program is designed to offer an unforgettable experience of fin swimming while your holidays. The classes are adaptable to every participant focused on adventure, fun and learning. 

Our aim is... help children overcome any fear of water they may have and to introduce them in a safe environment of joy.

We show them new skills to move in deep water and make them fell free to explore their swimming techniques.

We motivate children in our classes to dive, jump in the water and experience the water with all their senses.

We develop the swimming skills of any level during your vacation time.

Our Teachers are...

...certified swimming teachers with a great experience in teaching swimming skills

and styles to children and adults.

Every instructor follows the official Wonderfin training guidelines for swimming and mermaid frameworks. Always friendly with all of the participants, able to adapt the lessons to every child's swimming level. The lessons are taking place in a fun yet safe environment. 

The trainer's team is close with our swimming students to meet their needs and make every lesson an unforgettable experience. 

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